Mangawhai Boating & Fishing Club

90 minutes north of the harbour bridge and less than an hour south of Whangarei on the east coast, Mangawhai is a truly awesome place for boating and fishing.

The harbour offers 2 boat ramps for easy launching and parking for trailers.

Within 30 minutes you can be in the most wonderful fishing spots, including great coastal spots and the famous Hen & Chicken Islands, not to mention Sail Rock.

Add another hour and you will reach the Mokohinau Islands, once you have crossed the Mangawhai bar.

Mangawhai Boating and Fishing Club

Pounding the bar at every opportunity!

Boating & fishing

Mangawhai Boating and Fishing Club actively promotes sport fishing and safe boating in the Mangawhai area and Northland region.


We host events and competitions throughout the year, from the Big Game Competition to Take A Kid Fishing Day, most of which are free to enter for club members.


When you're not pounding the Mangawhai Bar, our clubrooms have a full bar and kitchen, seated dining area and areas for socialising to round off your day.


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Fishing at Mangawhai

Video by Brad Morgan-Kemp, Labour Weekend 2016.

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